People in Berdyansk stand against Russian militaries

Berdyansk residents chant “Go home!” to occupiers who took over the premises of the state administration

Berdyansk is Ukraine. Antioccupation demonstration on destroyed infrastructure, aggressors military vehicles and soldiers are surrounded by locals. Russian occupants hiding their faces.

A man screams at an armed occupier in Berdyansk “Come here and let’s talk! I’m on my land”

Armed uniformed occupiers (judging from the accent, these are Kadyrovtsy (Kadyrov followers) or descendants from the eastern republics) against the background of Z-marked armoured vehicles, reassuring the locals they came with peace and asking them to get away. A woman yelling they must get out because there used to be peace, no one was suppressed in Ukraine, but they were the ones bringing the war.

Berdyansk locals with flags surrounded trucks with the Russian military chanting “Berdyansk is Ukraine”

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