Mariupol has been a conflict area on the map of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops. The city has a humanitarian catastrophe: there is no drinking water, food, or critical infrastructure. The evacuees tell about the horrors they had to go through to escape to Zaporizhzhia.

“There is no water. We basically drink it from the river. You need to run under “Grad” shelling to reach the river”, a rescued woman depicts life in Mariupol. Therefore, many citizens are trying to evacuate on their own. You have to move under fire, but, according to Mariupol locals, it is much better than sitting in the basement.

Mariupol citizens are welcomed in Zaporizhzhia. Here they are provided with a temporary shelter in a kindergarten, food, washing facilities, and an opportunity to get some calm sleep. The evacuees then decide to stay here or head further to other cities. However, locals say that Zaporizhzhia is ready to host everyone and is waiting for evacuation from Mariupol.

Source: Ukrainian Witness