Ukrainian Witness’s exclusive interview with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba: victories of our diplomacy, directions the negotiations are going in, and Ukraine’s victory in the war.
At present, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine is working in three regions, staying in permanent touch. In spite of the war going on and the fact that the diplomats are currently in various locations, the ministry continues its consolidated and efficient work.
Minister Kuleba states that the Ukrainian delegation maintains its principled stand in the negotiation with the aggressor: preserving Ukraine’s territorial integrity and obtaining security guarantees for the country.
Through diplomacy, Ukraine has helped its allies reach a consensus regarding the sanctions and weapons. “For the Ukrainians, winning the war means preserving our identity and saving our country. That’s why I have no doubt that Ukraine will win,” the minister says, adding that he intends to stay in Kyiv to defend his country on the diplomatic front.

Source: Ukrainian Witness