Doctors at the Okhmatdyt Hospital in Kyiv are visiting a fragment of a Russian shell from the head of a 13-year-old girl

The child Sonia was wounded when in the house of her family in the Mykolaiv area the shell of occupiers hit.

Source: Киевский движ


During the charity match “Dynamo” U16 in Barcelona against the team “L’Hospitalet” from Catalonia, the dream of 13-year-old Sonia from the Mykolaiv region, who suffered as a result of Russian bombing, came true.

During the break between halves, the girl, who is a ward of the “Make a Dream” project from 1+1, accompanied the famous Ukrainian singer DOROFEEVA on the guitar during the composition performance “Dumy”.

Now Sonia is under the care of doctors from “Okhmatdyt” hospital and, in addition to treatment, she is training to play the guitar, which was presented to her by TSN viewers.