This is liberated Bucha. The town continues to be cleared. Those who remained there are being given humanitarian aid. In the town itself are the bodies of the dead. Russian military equipment. Trash. Empty stores. And guys with a basketball on the playground.

People’s bodies are removed and buried from the streets of Bucha. 15 bodies were on Yablunska Street, with their hands tied and shot in the head. The city is destroyed and its streets covered with the bodies of the dead. As of April 4, more than 300 people were buried

On April 2, a Radio Svoboda correspondent was able to enter the city of Bucha near Kiev, which had been liberated from the Russian military. There, on only one section of the street, he recorded eight dead locals. According to the testimony of those who remained in the settlement, while it was controlled by units of the Russian Armed Forces, the Russian military repeatedly shot civilians. 02.04.2022