Ukrainian defenders are destroying the enemy in Kharkiv region so effectively that occupiers are afraid to attack in this direction. This is evidenced by telephone calls of invaders intercepted by the SSU. ‘At first, they just threw ours forward. From another company. They were brought dead… He jumps onto on the armor and goes to clear the village. And there, ‘Ukrops’ are always waiting and shooting. Today people began to refuse. Russians refused, ours refused, but Luhansk guys went,’ the man, mobilized on the territory of ‘DNR’, tells his mother. He says he refused to go on the offensive near Izium and does not want to be cannon fodder. The man is not going to sign any contracts with the occupiers. ‘Our mission is to survive! I have no words… Russia leaves ruins behind itself. They can’t break through there. This isn’t gonna end by May 9,’ the occupier sums up.