The story of a forcibly deported Ukrainian about a Russian prison and his return home

Nikita Gorban was kidnapped from his native village and taken to Russia. He is one of those who managed to return as part of the prisoner exchange.
They blindfolded them and took them to a field at gunpoint, where they began torturing them. Nikita has a fresh scar on his knuckle. He says the soldiers would tighten a wrench around the joint and turn it until the skin was torn.

The Russians forced them to take off their shoes, filled their boots with water and forced them to put them back on. The prisoners were then laid face down on a field in the cold. They lay like that for three or four nights, in the rain, it was getting colder.

According to Nikita, the prison doctor told him: “We have good medicines and treatment here – but not for you.”
According to him, they were interrogated two or three times a day and beaten. After that, they were forced to sign papers stating that they were treated and fed well and did no harm.
After three weeks in prison, the condition of Nikita’s legs deteriorated sharply, and he was finally transferred to the hospital along with two other prisoners. The surgeon told him that all his toes would have to be amputated. By that time, they were in such a state that during the examination, his toe just fell off.”

Source: BBC