30 adults and 6 children were evacuated from Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, the bus was shelled by Russians, but the evacuation was resumed. With the aggravation of the situation increased and willing. Dozens every day. But now it is necessary to take out under fire. On May 17, 36 residents of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk were evacuated, six of them children. The bus came under fire because the route is still being shot at by the Russians. They opened fire from the “hail”. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

32 people from Hirske were evacuated.
As a result of artillery shelling, about 20 houses in Hirske, Zolote and Toshkivka were damaged.
Despite the difficult situation, the evacuation of people from the fire continues. The risk is justified when people fall asleep on the first night in peace and quiet.
Today 32 people were evacuated, including seven children and one wounded.

Source: Сергій Гайдай/ Луганська ОДА (ОВА)