The occupiers fired on the Svyatohirsk Lavra in the Donetsk region.

Another crime of Russian barbarians, for whom there is nothing sacred.

All Saints’ Hermitage burned down. Destroyed All Saints Hermitage. It was consecrated in 1912. It was first destroyed during the Soviet era. Later it was rebuilt. And so it was burned by the Russian army.

Russian shells exploded in the cells of the monastery’s laurels. Four people were killed and four were seriously injured. Sviatohirsk has been under fire since May.

Source: Novosti Donbass

Source: Censor.NET

This is what the Svyatogorsk Lavra, which was shelled by the Rashists, now looks like.

This is not only a sacred place, but also a refuge – at the time of the shelling in the temple were migrants, including children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Source: Pravda Gerashchenko