10 graduates of school no.134 in Kharkiv are performing a waltz in front of the ruins of their school.

“…I’m 16… I studied at school #134 in Kharkiv… I had lots of friends from the school, we were like one big family… We were picking the dresses together with the girls and were excited about how beautiful everyone would be on the graduation day. But the «russian world» came and ruined all our plans, which we dreamt so much about!”

School graduate Valeriia in an elegant dress standing in front of the ruined school #134.

11th-graders from Kharkiv, Lozova, Kupyansk, Vovchansk, Velykyi Burluk, Izyum, Borova and dozens of nearby villages did not dream of such a waltz.

Forgive us, kids!

The last school waltz in the town of Khorostkiv.

The last school waltz of the graduates of school #28 in Cherkasy.

The last school waltz at the school #329 “Logos” in Kyiv.

Source: Suspilne_Kharkiv

Students of Chernihiv school decided to make a photo session in front of their destroyed school.

Source: Photographer – Senykstas