the Russians directly destroyed a private house in Kostyantynivka together with people

One man was dug out from under the rubble alive, another could not be saved. There is nothing left of the house. Only the dog, which does not leave the ruins, was not injured. The shell of the occupiers hit the private sector of Kostyantynivka on June 9, at about 8 p.m. Policemen and rescuers worked on the spot, fighting to the last for people’s lives. There could have been more victims, but part of the family left on time. The injured men looked after the house and the garden. Many people and children remain on the street. Police documented the aftermath of the attack.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs

Buddy’s dog is waiting for the owners on the ruins of a house destroyed by the occupiers in Kostiantynivka, Donetsk region. The Russian shell hit the house on June 9. Rescuers rescued two men from the rubble: one dead and the other rescued. The casualties could have been greater, but part of the family left on time. Buddy is waiting to be followed.

Source: 24 TV