On June 14, air defense forces shot down a Russian missile over Zolochіv in the Lviv region. Its wreckage fell on the brickyard. Windows and doors were smashed in the premises at the epicenter of the explosion, and the roof was damaged in some places. Now citizens are rebuilding their homes – covering the windows with film, collecting glass and calculating the damage. The local college is also thinking about rebuilding classrooms before the start of the learning process. In two buildings the roof was damaged, windows and doors were broken. The Russian missile caused the greatest damage to the brick factory. There the roof and walls were torn down by a shock wave. A total of 28 residential buildings, three retail outlets and three administrative buildings were damaged by rocket debris and an explosive wave in the city.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down a Russian missile over Zolochiv.

The wreckage fell on the brickyard. According to Orest Kavetsky, the Head of the District Council, the explosion occurred near the district administration. Orest Kavetsky also mentioned that Zolochiv Castle, located nearby, was not destroyed. Six people are injured. They have bruises and shrapnel wounds. Injured are internally displaced persons from the Kharkiv region. The restaurant and houses, located almost at the epicenter of the explosion, were also damaged: windows and doors were smashed, roofs were damaged.