Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy, where the Russian missile flew yesterday. At the site of the impact a hole of about three meters was created. The damage to the main building caused damage to bones, doors, and the wall.

Other buildings of the institution were also damaged. “At the twenty-fourth hour there was a strong explosion, we immediately went out to see what had happened and saw something big flying in, damaging the floor and doors. There were no people in the premises”, – said Serhiy Borovkov, associate professor at the academy.

When asked why the academy could become the target of the Russian army, Sergiy said: “You know, we have such a fever: wherever the Azov base flew in, there it was… They said about “bacteriological armament”. We have animals on the farm. Could it be through this?”. The animals, according to Borovkov, are also unharmed.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV