“People from Poland have built us normal little houses, but it’s still better to live in your own house”.

How Ukrainian people live in the modular village in Borodyanka.

There are already 172 people living in the modular village in Borodianka.

All of them lost their homes becuase of the war.

The first modules in Kyiv region were installed in this village, as in it has partially or completely destroyed 552 private houses and 24 large apartments, 2 schools and all the administrative buildings. .

The small town consists of 4 modular buildings. There are 22 rooms in each building, and four beds in each room. Besides the living and sanitary rooms, all units have a kitchen, laundry, dining and game rooms.

Three modules are already inhabited. The remaining 10 rooms are taken by those who were evicted from the damaged buildings in the village according to the findings of the expert committee

Source: Ukrainian Public TV