Russia fired missiles at the Kyiv district of Kharkiv.

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

As a result of a Russian missile hitting a private house on Shevchenko Street in Kharkiv, two rooms burned down completely.

There were no people in the building at the time of the shelling. The garage was destroyed by the shelling, the roof of a nearby house was damaged, and wreckage shattered windows in the neighborhood.

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office

Consequences of a Russian missile strike on a school in Kharkiv on the night of June 27. A Russian missile struck the territory of one of Kharkiv’s schools on Balakireva Street around midnight.

It hit a flower bed in front of the institution, where a several-meter funnel was formed. People are not injured. There are smashed windows on all floors, the blast shattered the doors leading to the courtyard.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

A sewing workshop, a warehouse, a cafe and a residential building were damaged. Fortunately, there are no victims. The fire caused by the impact has been extinguished.

Source: Serhii Bolvinov