Destroyed and damaged houses: the Russian military continues to destroy the houses of civilians in the Kherson region.

On June 29, the village of Novohryhorivske was shelling by the Russian artillery. As a result, damaged and destroyed houses are uninhabitable. Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties.

On June 29, the Russian army launched rocket attacks on the town of Novovorontsovka. As a result of the enemy attack, the outbuildings on the farm were destroyed, the expensive agricultural equipment that people used for sowing was damaged too, and now the harvest is in question. Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties.

Source: Kherson Region Police

As a result of shelling of Zahradivka, houses and farm buildings were damaged, and a field caught fire.

The results of the shelling by the Russian troops of the village of Kalynivske

Source: Kherson Media