30.06. Russian occupiers destroyed a bakery in Lysychansk. It was the largest bakery in the city and people still worked there.

Luhansk region suffers from endless airstrikes by the Russian military. The Russians threw almost all their forces into capturing the city of Lysychansk. In many cities it is difficult to find a safe place. People dream of at least half an hour of silence, but the occupiers do not stop, firing from all available types of weapons. There are a lot of destruction in the cities. The premises of the Lysychansk police department were completely destroyed. Sabotagers regularly try to break into the city. Also, so many houses were damaged that they no possible to count now

Source: Vostok News

This is the city, which from the first days of full-scale Russian aggression, have been taking a hit. There are currently no regular food deliveries to Severodonetsk

And this is what every street in Severodonetsk looks like.

Source: Luganshchyna News

What remains of the Lysychansk police building and collegium in Sieverodonetsk.

Source: Novosti Donbass