Russia again used prohibited weapons in Sumy Region. During the day, the Russians shelled more than 230 mines and shells of various calibers. At half past ten in the morning, mass shelling began on the Znob-Novgorod community, probably from self-propelled guns, using phosphorous and flechette shells of 120 and 152 mm caliber. A total of 120 shots (comes).

Artillery shelling from the territory of the Russian Federation on the village of Atynske of Bilopolska MTG of Sumy district was recorded.
As a result of the shelling, three men were injured (patients of the psychoneurological boarding school received fractures and shrapnel wounds).
The administrative building of the Atynske Psychoneurological Boarding School, the Communal Institution of the Sumy Regional Council was partially destroyed.

Source: Operational tactical group “Sumy”

Source: Ukrainian Public TV