On July 7, at around 5:34 p.m., enemy shelling was carried out on a residential quarter and the private sector in the Nemyshlianskyi District of the city. Private residential buildings, garages with a superstructure, cars and trucks, as well as household items in an apartment of a 9-story residential building burned.

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Kharkiv Life

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: Radio Svoboda

A man from Kharkiv farewells to his wife, who was killed by a Russian shell.

Source: Nakypilo

On July 7, Russian troops attacked Kharkiv with Uragan surface-to-air missiles. According to the city authorities, three people died, five were injured.

Source: Yevhenii Maloletka