A Russian missile struck the center of Kramatorsk. It is currently known about 1 killed and 6 wounded, but the figures may still change. Six buildings were hit, including a hotel and a residential apartment building. This is a confirmed attack on civilians.

Source: Donetsk Military Administration

Source: Novostidnua

Source: Novostidnua

On July 7, the russians launched another rocket attack on the city. As a result of enemy shelling, several buildings of civilian infrastructure were damaged, including one high-rise building. The russian occupiers are trying to intimidate people. But instead, they only increased self-hatred.

Source: Pravda Sloviansk Kramatorsk

Volodymyr was just drinking tea in his apartments in Kramatorsk when he’ve heard the sound of explosion. He lost his home in a moment. Pieces of his roof still are falling down

Source: Inna Kvitka