Consequences of the shelling of Kharkiv with MLRS. Only civilian structures – a shopping center and houses of peaceful Kharkiv residents – came under the fire of the Russians. Several shells hit the yards of private houses. Garages and cars were also destroyed, several fires broke out.

About 10 o’clock, the military of the aggressor country carried out artillery fire from rocket salvo systems on residential areas in the Kyiv and Saltivka districts of the city of Kharkiv.
According to the latest information, 31 people were injured, including two children aged 4 and 16. Six civilians were killed, including a 17-year-old boy with his father, who were passing by in a car during the shelling of the tire repair shop. Their bodies were mutilated by the explosion.
Private homes of Kharkiv residents, a shopping center and a tire repair shop came under the fire of the occupiers.

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office