The police managed to break through with help to the hottest settlements in the Slovyansk direction. Armored vehicles and a group of special forces ensured security during the evacuation and delivery of humanitarian cargo. The first stop is two villages in the Mykolaiv community of the Kramatorsk district. Law enforcement officers brought grocery kits to the residents. The police also delivered pensions for the current month to more than 300 people. The most dangerous part of the route is a village in Svyatohirsk district. The advanced positions of the enemy are less than one and a half kilometers away. Heavy fighting is going on, everything is on fire, people are suffering from constant shelling by the russians. The policemen evacuated an elderly man and a woman. They were taken from their addresses, because both people are lonely and unable to move on their own. The rescued were handed over to volunteers. At the time of evacuation, the occupiers struck 7 powerful blows in the center of the village.

Source: DonetskPoliceNews