The Russians fired 7 Kh-31 missiles from a Su-30 fighter at a village in the Odesa region. One of the rockets hit a tree near a private house, demolished a wall and damaged nearby buildings.

The correspondent of Suspilne spoke with the family whose home suffered the greatest destruction. Valentina’s house was the closest to the epicenter of the explosion. Two families live here, all relatives. They run a joint farm. The woman said that she was at home during the alarm and had a bad feeling. “It’s like a bang. We’re under the table. Windows, doors, everything flew out. I get out from under the table, it’s full of dust. I go out into the yard – there’s nothing. And there’s no fence – it’s a fallen rocket,” the woman said. Next to the house where the owners lived, their recreation center is located. There are six rooms. In each of them, the doors and windows are broken, the furniture is damaged, the veranda of the house is mutilated by debris and the shock wave. “There were all the amenities here, it was built two years ago. And people from all over Ukraine came here to rest. Now everything here is destroyed, all the rooms are destroyed. It must be restored, but as soon as the war ends. There is no point in even thinking about it now.” added the owner of the destroyed house. There were animals in the yard at the time of the explosion. Among them is a kitten. Everyone remained alive, but they were scared. Shelling damaged four buildings. Two private farms and two recreation centers. There are no victims.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV