Children in Russian-occupied Mariupol are without enough food. Products are prepared right on the street. Before the war, school № 16 prepared food for children using modern equipment according to all international standards. Quality was guaranteed. During the Russian occupiers, the kitchen was set up in the courtyard of the institution. There is not enough food. It is prepared in old metal pans. Products are stored in improper conditions, and children are exposed to danger: they can get poisoned and catch an infectious disease.

Source: Mariupol City Counsil

There is no water in the Eastern microdistrict of Livoberezhny district. Water is the number one problem. In the heat. Because of the resonance and the threat of another riot, the occupiers gave water to the streets of Skhidny Street. Without examination and warning. So now a bunch of high-rise buildings with flooded basements and a significant number of apartments will also face the sea. Due to damage and open faucets in apartments where there are no residents, everyone is drowning.

Source: Andriush Time