In the evening of July 15, the Russian army launched rocket attacks on the city of Dnipro. Kh-101 missiles were launched from Tu-95 MS strategic aircraft from the northern part of the Caspian Sea. Several rockets hit the industrial enterprise, according to the local military administration there are dead and wounded, the damage is being determined, the command informed. The military shot down four out of six Russian missiles that attacked the Dnipro and the region in the evening. 2 cars burned, almost 10 more cars were damaged. The windows and doors of the nearby residential buildings were broken. There is a big fire at the industrial enterprise.

Source: Dnipro Regional State Administration

Police collects evidence at the site of the missile attack and documents the war crimes of the Russian Federation.

People are injured, in the nearby building there are severe damages.

The main water supply was broken.

Bus driver was killed as a result of a rocker attack.

Source: Dnipro Media

Source: Dnipropetrovska ODA