“I lost my business. The workers are scared, but alive,” said the owner of a shop in Dnipro destroyed by an enemy rocket. There is a huge funnel in the middle of the street. Opposite – a destroyed shop. On the other hand, there are damaged residential buildings with broken windows and doors. On the street – frightened and shocked locals, employees and owners of shops, private clinics. These are the consequences of the enemy’s evening rocket attacks on the city of Dnipro.

Source: Dnipro Regional State Administration

In one of the apartments on Kryvorizka Street several windows were blown out in the houses by the blast wave. People are leaving the area. About a dozen cars were damaged by the rocket attack.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

The victims of the July 15 rocket attack are being resettled in Dnipro. People are helped to pack and move things. The victims were provided with temporary housing.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

How the buildings in Dnipro on the Robocha Street look like after the rocket attacks on the enterprise

Source: Informator DP