In the evening of July 23, Mykolaiv was shelled again. A 16-year-old teenager received a shrapnel wound. According to preliminary information, a residential building was hit. The rocket fell near the house, the windows in the multi-storey building were blown out, the balconies were damaged. Information about the injured has not yet been provided. Houses and garages in the private sector were also damaged. Russian occupiers fired six S-300 missiles at Mykolaiv this morning. They hit a private warehouse – wooden pallets stored outside caught fire there. Dry grass was also burning in the open area after the shelling. All the fires were extinguished promptly by rescuers of the State Emergency Service.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Destroyed schools as a result of shelling

Source: Mykolaiv News

Consequences of the shelling of the Korabelnyi district.

Source: Prestypnosti NET