Donbas frontline. 07/23/2022

A man stands on the ruins of his house. His city is under constant fire. An elderly woman who has been living in the school basement for 3 months. A woman near the basement of her house, where she has been living for the past months. The inscription on the wall: “Children! Peaceful residents! There are no military!” A huge explosion from a rocket right on the school sports ground. Mariyka (name changed), a 6-year-old girl who has been living with her parents in the school basement for the past months. A man carries water in an old watering can to his destroyed house. A man points to the inscription “People” on the door of a destroyed building. Raisa, an officer of the Armed Forces, on the territory of the city liberated from the occupiers a couple of weeks ago. A woman prepares food at the entrance of her house. She has been living in the basement for several months. There is no water or electricity in the city. A huge rip-off from an airplane on the territory of a residential building right next to a children’s playground. People still live in the house.

Source: The Liberovs Konstiantyn and Vlada