“I am silencing my fear with work”. How the residents of Orikhiv region live in Zaporizhzhia region under the bombardment. The families living in the war line in Zaporizhzhia region are displaced and forced to sit under the bombardment of Russian shells. But they do not lose optimism – they are fighting in the city, preparing supplies for winter and waiting for a peaceful sky over their heads again. Antonina, resident of Novodanylivka village, Orikhiv territorial community, says: there is not a day when the village is not haunted. “If you take 2 days ago, it was madness, we sat in the basement for more than 4 years and we were screamed at. At any moment it could blow – we don’t know where to go. Our basement was broken down and we went to the neighbor’s house. My son’s house, there were 3 children there, they just went out and came in. We don’t have two houses there”, – she says.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV