15-year-old Maryna Kolii from Chuhuiv is preparing for her second plastic surgery. During the first plastic surgery in Kyiv, the specialists took out the remains of the warehouse and returned the girl’s facial features. After the journalists told the story of the girl, Maryna’s family received dozens of offers of help. Maryna’s story was published in the news and on social media. “We started getting phone calls from Romania, the USA and Kyiv- they offered to give Maryna a free facial reconstruction. We stopped our choice in Kyiv. The operation lasted up to two hours. In the morning we arrived at the clinic, Maryna was taken to the surgery, and in the evening we were already released home”, – said Yana, the mother of the schoolgirl.15-year-old Maryna Kolii was taken to the hospital on the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian army was shelling Chuhuiv, and the girl’s face was injured.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV