Up to 8,000 meals a day are prepared by volunteers of the “Clean Sky” charitable foundation in Kharkiv. They distribute food in the areas that have been most devastated by the shelling by the Russian troops. Alla Lshchenko from Pivnichnaya Saltivka received a set of products from the beneficiaries: “It takes me 40 hiviles to get here, if it’s quick. Three neighborhoods to go through. They distribute pasta, porridge and tea here. How the social kitchen works, which was created by volunteers from Kharkiv. Social kitchen in Kharkiv. Photo: Daily Kharkiv. Chef-cook Olga Pasmore says that the work starts at 07:00. Along with her work two dozen people. Not only Kharkiv residents are treated, some of the food is sent to the outskirts, particularly to Tsyrkuny.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV