They mocked civilians of Bucha and imitated their stratum: new facts of cruelty to civilians during the occupation of Kyiv region are revealed. The lieutenant colonel, two sergeants and a private of the 64th brigade of the motorized rifle brigade of the 35th general army of the Russian Federation were informed in absentia about the suspicion of ordering brutal treatment of civilians (part. Article 28, part 2, and article 438, part 1, of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). This was reported in the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office. According to the investigation, in March 2022, during the occupation of the town of Bucha, the armed suspects ventured to the house of one of the local residents. Following the orders of the colonel, the perpetrators took the lord of the house to the street, threw him on the ground and kicked him on various parts of the body in order to obtain information about the patriotically organized residents of Bucha. Further, the victim was blindfolded and taken to the occupants’ headquarters, where civilians were being held. There the man continued to be beaten, forced to completely disembowel himself and looked for tattooing on his body. For the purpose of entrapment, the suspects took a stratum of other people present in the same room. The victim managed to escape from the Russian military servicemen at the moment when they led other civilians into the stratum.

Source: Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office