Russian occupiers continue to abuse peaceful residents. The invaders invented a new way of “silent terror”. Now they have introduced new rules for leaving the temporarily occupied zone, Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said, noting that Ukrainians will need to obtain a special pass from the occupation commandant’s office. The checkpoint created by the Russian military in Vasylivka looks very unsettling. Hundreds of people and their children stand in line under the blazing sun, waiting to leave. He noted that as of the morning of July 30, more than 800 cars and more than 4,000 people are waiting in the exit queue in Vasylivka. “Since yesterday, they started informing that from Monday, in order to leave the temporarily occupied territory, it will be necessary to take some special passes at the commandant’s office. They are trying to make it difficult to leave the territory,” Fedorov said.

Source: Dnepr Operativ