In the village of Vilkhivka, the bodies of a woman and a man were removed, and they were buried in the local cemetery on March 3. The explosion occurred 6 meters from the house of Liubov Novikova, a 75-year-old resident of the village. She died, most likely, from shrapnel wounds. According to the son of the deceased Hennadii Novikov, he was not at home when the tragedy happened. After the shelling stopped, he returned to find his mother dead on the floor with a head injury. Gennady agreed with his friends that they would bury her the next day. On March 3, six fellow villagers and friends of the man came to the burial place to say goodbye to his mother. – When they started burying, the first explosion sounded, no one was injured. – recalls Hennadii. – After the second explosion, I saw that one man was lying dead, and the other died of his injuries in the hospital.

Source: National Police