Kharkiv’s line of defense is 30 kilometers from the city center and 20 kilometers from Northern Saltivka, the area that receives almost the most blows from the Russian army. The sound of an exploding shell is loud in the city. Then immediately, the sirens of the ambulances, which are going to the wounded, immediately begin to wail. Despite the fact that half of the residents left the city of one and a half million people, those who remained are trying to maintain life in Kharkiv. And they pay a high price for it. On Northern Saltivka, once densely populated, the human presence is almost absent. The roads are gaping with shell holes, and the high-rise buildings are full of empty windows. Some of the houses burned down, some collapsed, some are still standing thanks to the surviving retaining walls. Lilly and Yevhen came to the house with their relatives to collect some of the surviving things. Since March 5, the couple was not at home and returned to their home for the first time on July 20. In neighborhood chats, people discussed that things could be taken away. At first Yevhen thought of going up himself, but he saw from the roof of a nearby house that it could be dangerous. The couple hired climbers.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV


Source: Kharkiv Mole