After midnight, the Russian army shelled the Nikopol district from the MLRS Grad, and the Kryvyi Rih district from the barrel artillery. 20 rockets arrived in Nikopol. Three townspeople were injured. One of them – a 58-year-old man – is in the hospital. In the city, 11 five-story buildings, up to 40 private houses, a kindergarten and a house of children’s creativity were mutilated. The gas pipeline, water pipeline and electricity network were disabled. Several thousand people are without electricity. Emergency teams are working. In the Kryvyi Rih district, the enemy hit the Zelenodolsk community. A power line was cut in Marianske. A part of the village without light.

Source: Dnipropetrovska ODA

Source: Nikopol district police department

Source: Dnipro Regional Prosecutor’s Office