In Chernihiv Oblast, pyrotechnic calculations to clear the territory of Chernihiv Oblast are continuing. Since the beginning of the large-scale military invasion of Russian troops, the pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine have carried out 3,172 trips to the territory of Chernihiv region to report the detection of explosive objects by the population and to conduct surveys of the territories of settlements freed from the control of the occupying forces of the Russian Federation. As a result, 39,573 explosive objects were identified and removed (disarmed), more than 38,000 hectares of the territory of Chernihiv, Nizhynskyi and Prylutskyi districts were surveyed, 225 infrastructure objects and livelihoods of the population, 22 km of power lines, 195 km of highways and more than 7.5 km of lines gas pipelines Demining and clearing of territories continues.

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine