Russian rockets flew into her home in Avdiivka FOUR times. To the same place. The owner, 34-year-old Oksana, has been in Lviv for over a month with a serious injury – a piece of her leg bone was torn off. When the shelling began, 34-year-old Oksana and her husband Stanislav were in the yard. Rockets began to arrive one after another. The couple fell to the ground. But, if the husband survived, Oksana was hit by a fragment. Wounded, he took his wife home. Friends helped to get to the local hospital. The woman was diagnosed with a mine-explosive injury: a multiple-fragmentary injury to the right leg with soft tissue defects and facial burns. He was treated for a month, then he was taken by an evacuation train to our St. Panteleimon Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv. Here, a multidisciplinary team joined Oksana’s treatment. Specialists of the Traumatology and Orthopedics Department of the Trauma Center put an external fixation device on the injured leg, doctors of the Surgery Center began treating the wounds, and rehabilitation specialists joined in to put Oksana on her feet. Our specialists have no doubt that the patient will walk. Despite the ordeal, the woman is glad that none of her relatives were hurt. Oksana and Stanislav have two sons: 11-year-old Roman and 14-year-old Kyrylo. Together with the family, they want to return home and find their sons’ collection of miniature cars under the rubble. The boys want to live in Avdiivka and are already developing a project to rebuild their home with their father.