During the shelling by the Russian army of Mykolaiv Oblast, a rocket hit a house in one of the settlements. Marines of the 1st Separate Marine Infantry Battalion helped the residents of the destroyed house and pulled an elderly woman out from under the rubble before rescuers arrived. When the rocket hit the house, an elderly woman was buried under the rubble. Marines evacuated her through a window and removed gas canisters from the house to prevent an explosion.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

“I was sleeping, and it flew straight through the window. Once, twice. My son, the guys also came and helped me get out. Everything was burned, two rooms are gone. There is nothing left,”

the owner of the house, Anna Danylivna, recalls the night of the shelling. Her son Valeriy was staying with the woman in the house. The man is a citizen of the Russian Federation, but returned to Ukraine to help his elderly mother and support Ukraine. He says that Russian citizenship is not a shield, and the Russian army doesn’t care whose homes they destroy. There are no windows and walls in the house, building debris, tree branches, and bricks are scattered around.

“A fire started immediately on the second floor, the grandmother was evacuated through the window. They climbed in, she was sitting there, they took her out. Then her son ran up and said that there were two gas cylinders on the second floor under the stairs. We immediately ran there,”

recalls the marine Oleh