Execution and nameless graves: what was found in Izium after the liberation of the city from the Russian invaders Houses, village shops and Soviet monuments painted in gold. Homes are replaced by cemeteries and fields left untouched by the war. Ahead is Izium and its nameless graves. Bridges are destroyed. Even before entering Izium, the ruined village of Husarivka meets. Fallen trees, electric pylons, destroyed farms, bogged down in mud and burned “Z”, “tails” from rockets on the roadside – this is the current local landscape. And the complete absence of civilization for tens of kilometers: no water, no electricity, no gas. The village smells of dampness and smoke. Burnt out hangars are visible. On the right is a school destroyed by a Russian rocket. There is a queue for humanitarian workers near the store. The military says he has never seen such depressed people. Izium survived about five hundred airstrikes and, according to the city authorities, lost more than a thousand residents. Many of those killed are buried in the cemetery in the forest on the outskirts. Russian troops set up their positions here. Izium had its own torture chamber, where Russian soldiers abused captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians. The invaders threw the bodies of the soldiers into the pit. Locals told about the mass burial when the Russian army fled There is a smell of death in the pine forest. A team of rescuers in blue raincoats is silently digging up nameless graves. This place is now under the sights of dozens of television cameras. The remains of the bodies are handed over to experts. On the sacks are “The unnamed Arned Forces of Ukraine”, “The Armed Forces of Ukraine defender Nesteren…” But there are not only military personnel here. There are civilians among the dead: men, women and even children. 99% of bodies exhumed on September 16 have signs of murder, the prosecutor’s office said. There are corpses with their hands tied behind their backs, with a rope around their necks. One of the buried has a blue-yellow bracelet on his arm.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: Avdeeva Mariia

Source: Kharkiv Police