Ukrainian defenders liberated Kupiansk on September 10. The city was the so-called center of the occupied territory, where the Russian “administration” was located. After the deoccupation, it was possible to see what the Russian occupiers were doing in the Ukrainian city. After the occupation, the district department was occupied by the so-called policemen, in particular those brought from the unrecognized republic “LNR”. A lot of Russian symbols remained in the office of the “boss”, in particular: a portrait of Putin and coats of arms. The occupiers changed all the signs to inscriptions in Russian. It is known that the department housed Russian personnel and cells for holding illegal prisoners. Locals say that approximately 400 people were put in the cells, which were designed for about 140 people. There are also rooms with mattresses on and under the beds. In one of the cells there are traces of blood, a lot of alcohol, blisters with medicines, syringes. The captured hunting weapons were kept by the occupiers in offices. There were also warm clothes for the “police” with the marking of a factory located in Moscow. While retreating, the Russians burned some of the documents and the archive. However, from what has survived, it can be seen that the enemy checked documents even for children. Although the invaders drowned their mobile phones, eyewitnesses found a SIM card from Uzbekistan.

Source: 24 TV

Source: Security Service of Ukraine