As a result of the mortar shelling that took place on the evening of 20 September 2022 from the territory of the Russian Federation, 9 private houses sustained damage, and a slate roof, windows, doors and walls were hit by shrapnel in the Bilopillia community.
There are no casualties among the civilian population.
The Russian armed forces shelled Obody village with mortars. In total, the Ukrainian Armed Forces recorded 10 explosions. At least 5 houses of civilians were damaged: windows broken, and walls destroyed.
1 residential building, a brick shed, a chicken coop were partially damaged and more than 10 chickens were killed in Boiaro-Lezhachi village.

A dispensary was damaged and windows were broken in the houses of local residents in the village of Yunakivka.

The strikes from the Russian side hit right in the middle of the street. In total there were more than 10 explosions. Some shells exploded in vegetable gardens. Fragments of explosives also damaged the power line, and broke all the windows in two houses.

Near one household a goat was killed. The shells fragments broke windows in the Yunakiv dispensary.