Photos from the city of Kupiansk on 21.09.2022, taken by an eyewitness.

1. Employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine help an elderly woman cross the blown-up bridge.

2. A cluster munition right in the yard of a residential building.

3. A torn banner with the flag of the occupier.

4. A powerful explosion in Kupiansk.

5. A man collects firewood for the winter from the destroyed roof. The inscription on the banner is “We are one nation with Russia!”.

6. The bridge to the other side of Kupiansk, repainted in tricolor [colors of the Russian flag]. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to repaint it because the occupiers are still in the forests on the other side so it can be very dangerous.

7. The destroyed city.

8. An almost extinguished fire in the central square.

9. Heroic employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, who spent 6 months in the occupation and did not become the MES [civil emergency services in Russia].

10. A citizen calmly drives through the destroyed city.

Source: The Liberovs Konstiantyn and Vlada