That’s right – by boat you can now reach the liberated Vovchansk, in the Kharkiv region. The bridge was destroyed, and the residents were actually cut off from the rest of the settlements. It is 3 km from Vovchansk to the border with Russia. There is no electricity, gas, water supply and communication.

The police department is mutilated, defaced with the symbols of the Russian invaders and littered with various things that the Russian invaders stole from the locals.

The situation is approximately the same in other liberated cities. For example, in Kozachа Lopan, the police department had a torture chamber. Locals also showed a mass grave in which the Russians buried the Ukrainian dead. In the near future, specialized investigative and operational groups will arrive there to conduct investigative actions. In addition, people said that the Russian occupiers took some detainees with them during the retreat so as not to leave traces of their crimes.

Source: Ihor Klymenko

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