On September 24, prosecutors together with law enforcement officers conducted an inspection of a number of places where Russian soldiers lived during the occupation of the Lyptsi community, and in the Cherkaski Tyshky they exhumed the corpse of a local resident. The Russian occupiers occupied the premises of the Slobozhanska village council, the premises of the kindergarten and the post office in Lyptsi, the hangars of the company and the cultural center in the village of Vesele. Everywhere on the walls are painted the Latin letters “Z”, garbage, dirt, cigarette butts and empty alcohol bottles – all the things that the Russian army leaves behind. Law enforcement officers exhumed the corpse of a 58-year-old local resident in Cherkaski Tishky, Kharkiv district. According to eyewitnesses, during the occupation, the Russian military killed a man around April 21 and took his car. At that time, about five citizens lived in the village of Cherkaski Tishky. Local residents from time to time went around the houses and discovered the body of a neighbor who lived in the house alone. The Russian occupiers did not allow the locals to bury the deceased. Only five days later they were able to do it in the garden next to the house. After the settlement was liberated, his sister informed the police about the brother’s death. During the preliminary examination of the deceased’s body, the police established that the man died from a gunshot wound. The body of the deceased was sent to the morgue for a forensic medical examination, after which the relatives will be able to bury the man in a legal manner.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: National Police