Izium. 09/19/2022

A few days ago, a mass grave was found in the vicinity of the newly liberated city of Izium. More than 400 graves. Most are nameless. Men, women, even children. Many of them went through terrible torture before death. It is impossible to look at it, but everyone must see it! Today, despite all the ideals of democracy, humanity, humanity, people are dying in Ukraine. This is genocide. The same as 77 years ago. The same scenes, the same shots that we saw in the history books. Only now it happens in real life.

Izium. 09/25/2022

Exhumation of people killed by the Russian army is being completed in the de-occupied Izium. 425 civilians, including 5 children, and 22 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed and tortured by Russian soldiers.

Source: Yevhen Titov

Source: slavaratynski

Source: Kostiantyn i Vlada Liberovy