On the night of October 4, the Russian occupiers launched a rocket attack on two districts of Kharkiv. In the Novobavarskyi district, a rocket hit a critical infrastructure facility, causing a fire. A 46-year-old woman who worked there as a watchman died. Another Russian missile hit the enterprise in Kholodnohirskyi district, there is destruction. At the site of the explosions, investigators found fragments of 5V55 rockets of the S300 missile complex. According to preliminary data, the Russian military shelled Kharkiv from the territory of Belgorod of the Russian Federation.

Source: Serhii Bolvinov

Source: The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Source: Kharkiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Nakypilo

As a result of the strike of the Russian military in the Novobavarskyi district on October 4, the Southern Railway traction substation and transformers were damaged, and a two-story technical building was destroyed. A woman who worked as a security guard at the enterprise was killed. On the territory of the substation there are broken power lines. As a result of the attack on the substation, some trains are running with a delay, Serhii Kravchuk, head of the power supply service of “Southern Railway”, said. “This is a traction substation that feeds the railway infrastructure. The trains go, but with delays. There are difficulties, but we solve them. The substation has nothing to do with military issues. Apparently, they [the Russian occupiers] are terrorizing us, they want to cause some kind of fear,” — says Kravchuk. Leila Vysoven lives a hundred meters from the substation. “Something hit hard at midnight. My door was knocked out. The windows were broken, the roof was broken. I was very scared, but I was more afraid that the fire had started. It was very bright,” says Leila.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: Ukrainian Public TV