Volunteers took out the injured bear from under the de-occupied Lyman. The animal will be sent to the “Wild Animal Rescue Center” for treatment. This is reported on Facebook UAnimals. “As soon as the Ukrainian military liberated Liman and the territory around it from Russian occupation, they immediately found a bear locked in an enclosure in a private zoo. The invaders brutally treated most of the wild animals that were kept there, but the bear remained alive. Although it is in a terrible condition and contused from a projectile that hit the house where he was sitting. Three meters from his enclosure, everything was destroyed,” the message reads. The volunteers noted that the bear is now being taken to the “Natalia Popova and UAnimals Wild Animal Rescue Center” for treatment. When his condition improves, the animal will be taken to the Arden Predator Park in Khmelnytskyi for rehabilitation.