Russian military made a human shield of all the residents of the village of Yahidne. When the Russian military occupied Yahidne in the Chernihiv region, they drove the locals into the basement of the school. Taking them hostage, they made a human shield and placed their headquarters on other floors of the school. More than 350 people were in the basement without ventilation – old women and children. Toilet time was limited, instead, buckets were placed for people. A few days later, the first man died in the basement. “There was not enough oxygen. The man was losing his mind. And they screamed and screamed, and as they say, they went crazy.” Bodies were not always allowed to be taken out immediately, sometimes children played next to the deceased. The locals were in such conditions for almost a month. Ten elderly people died. Seven more were shot by the Russians. The film, based on the diary of one of the hostages, reproduces the gruesome details of the Russian war crime. Journalists managed to locate the Russian units that turned the residents of Yahidne into “human shields” and to communicate with the Russian officer involved in the crime.

Source: Ukrainian Public TV