On October 23, around 01:30, the Russian military forces, disregarding the norms of international humanitarian law, carried out a massive S-300 surface-to-air missile system attack on one of the districts of Mykolaiv. One of the rockets hit a five-story residential building, completely destroying an apartment on the fifth floor. A 10-story residential building was also damaged. The windows, doors, and balconies were blown out by ammunition fragments and the blast wave. Heating pipes, a warehouse, a children’s playground, and several cars were also damaged. As a result of the shelling, 5 people were injured: three were taken to the hospital, and two more received outpatient care.

Source: Mykolaiv Prosecutor’s Office

Source: National Police

Source: Svidok Info

Source: Kyrylo Tymoshenko

Source: Mykolaiv News

Source: Dmytro Pletenchuk

Source: Mykolaiv News

Source: Ukrainian Public TV

Source: FreeDom